Il Bardellino B&B farm is located in the middle of an ancient holding, which used to belong to Counts Jacopetti Danesi, in the village of Soliera, 200 metres above sea level, surrounded by the greenery of Lunigiana, in the province of Massa Carrara, between the sea and the Apuan Alps, of which you can enjoy a scenic view, the northern wall with the most charming peaks: Pizzo d'Uccello, Pisanino and Mount Sagro.

Because of its favourable geographical location, those who want a cultural destination can visit Tuscany's gratest artistic cities, such as Carrara (and the quarries where Carrara marble comes from), Florence, Lucca and Pisa, which is 90 km away, the many medieval villages and castles which can be found in Lunigiana, as well as the famous Cinque Terre, which are 40 km away. So one day on the beach can be easily arranged, since we are just a 30 minutes' drive from the beaches of Marinella, and, not far from there, the seaside resort of Marina di Carrara. In the winter season as well, since we are not far from the Cerreto Pass where all the ski slopes of Cerreto and a well-equipped sports hall are all within easy reach.

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